5 Simple Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Michael Stone

Congratulations on making a change to get fit and feel good. Most people are guilty of trying to have a sculpted body by eating fast food and watching TV all day long. But this is just not going to happen. While getting in shape is like a long and slow process, there are several positive implications to the effort to get in shape.

1. Regular workout For at least one hour of exercise. By running, jogging, etc., you don’t need to commit suicide, but in your everyday life you need some sort of moderate physical activity. If you are trying to rapidly lose a few pounds, do an exercise that is more intense. Take, for example, a brisk one hour stroll. Or, during that hour you can jog and set those intervals to run. Make sure you’re not feeling intense pain during the exercise. Just a tip, after exercise at high intensity, the muscles will suffer.

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