Must-Read Social Media Management Tips & Tricks

Michael Stone

1. Set marketing targets First, you want to find out what your company means by success. Take the opportunity to describe your goals, being as creative as possible. Then, most significantly, decide how to calculate certain targets.

To sum up, their priorities must be SMART, meaning they satisfy these five criteria: precise, measurable, achievable, important and timely.

Examples of poor and good intentions: Poor: Traffic generation.

Excellent: Boost traffic on your website in 3 weeks by 20 percent.

Bad: interacting more socially.

Great: Increase involvement in two months by 30 per cent.

Bad: Be a chief of opinion.

Great: Share …

Social Media Manager

Michael Stone

Social media overseers are responsible for representing a corporation as the primary face of its brand across social networks. They respond to remarks, compile campaigns and build material. Such experts give guidance to companies needed to enhance their online presence. 

Social media managers develop their business through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with simple objectives such as “improving website traffic” or “optimizing brand recognition” The function was non-existent ten years ago. More and more companies now adopt social media for customer acquisition and social management is also key. …

Perfecting Your Visual Strategy on Social Media: 10 Tips to Follow

Michael Stone

Perfecting a visual strategy for social media is key to building up an authentic user experience plus fantastic customer results.

Although platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are more visual than Facebook or Twitter, it is still important to take into account every aspect of every move, including the text of a post, when creating a meaningful visual approach to social media.

The following advice is based on my own experience in designing visual approaches: running social media accounts for big brands like Spirit Airlines, setting up social media processes for small boutique agencies.…

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